Lisa Starry's A Vampire Tale 10th Anniversary Season Kicks Off Thursday

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A Vampire Tale
This fall will be the 10th anniversary of Lisa Starry's A Vampire Tale, the cult classic that Starry and her troupe have taken to Edinburgh and back as of this summer. Over the years there have been more than a few changes to the production, as Starry's tweaked her choreography from season to season to create the piece so many Valley dance and art fans know and love today.

In addition to a new scene in this year's rendition, this will be the last season in which attendees can watch David Starry, Lisa's husband and a dancer in the company, perform the lead role of Victor, the vampire king.

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David Starry as king vampire in A Vampire Tale.
Those familiar with the show will know that David Starry has partnered with Nicole Olson, who plays Queen Vampire, since the show's inception a decade ago. Now, Starry says he'll be retiring, because a dancer's body only lasts so long. He'll still be a part of the production crew for Scorpius Dance Theater and may continue to make appearances in A Vampire's Tale, though in character roles only.

For this season the role has been dual casted. David will split time with returning Scorpius Dance Theatre company member Billie-Joe "J." Bouey.

For the most part, Lisa says she leaves the details of each character to be interpreted by the dancers; it's another reason the show is always changing. And, as David explains, he's always played Victor as a stoic, callous character who emotes almost exclusively through movement. Some of that he's passed on to Bouey. Some of the nuances will be left to Bouey to develop into his own version of the bloodsucking vampire king.

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