10 Best Attractions at the Arizona State Fair

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Katie Johnson
Arizona State Fair shenanigans being today.
If there's one constant to the Arizona State Fair each year, it's all the spectacle involved. Everything about the annual event is seemingly geared towards being attention-grabbing, thrill-seeking, or over-the-top in nature, whether it's the amped-up rides, ultra-flashy midway games, larger-than-life creatures, blockbuster concerts, or the non-stop buffet of grease-laden guilty pleasure eats.

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The 2013 version of the fair, which kicks off today and runs through November 3, is no exception as there's a large amount of attractions and distractions afoot, and big-time fun. Besides getting the opportunity to be shot into the sky or trek through the final frontier, visitors can experience more down-to-earth fun like watching demolition derbies, monster trucks, or sideshow-style performances.

Check out our list of some of the things we'll be seeing and doing while out at the fair.

Courtesy of the Arizona State Fair
The IceMen cometh.

The IceMen
To most people, ice is merely something to be plopped into a cooler or beverage. To the artists of IceMen, however, it's raw material to be transformed into unique (albeit temporary) art pieces. These craftsmen will chip, chisel, grind, and chainsaw away at slabs of frozen water to create fantastical ice sculptures inside the South Hall of the Veterans Memorial Coliseum during daily demonstrations (two will be held on weekdays and three take place on weekends) for the amazement of fair patrons.

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