Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts 2013 Date and Theme Announced

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Melissa Fossum/Timur Guseynov
Some of the many participants of recent Phoenix Annual Parades of the Arts.
Attention creative types of the Valley: If you happen to have a project brewing that's of a particularly interesting, unusual, or exotic nature that's gonna be finished in the next six weeks or so, then Sahar Afi Mitchell and Stephen Strage want to hear about it. And possibly showcase it at the Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts.

The couple, who star in Strange Family Circus sideshow troupe and have organized the wildly vibrant downtown Phoenix-based procession and cavalcade, recently announced this year's version will happen on Saturday, November 9, and boast the theme "Weird, Wild West." And they're hoping that all sorts of participants and artsy endeavors get involved.

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Mitchell says that includes more than just participants for the parade portion of PAPA, which has previously featured a variety of art cars, modified or decorated bicycles, unique DIY floats, mobile installations, huge papier-mâché creations, and many people in costume.

Since its founding in 2006, the event has always had a festival component that's served as the starting and ending point for the two- to three-mile procession (which traipses around parts of downtown) and featured vendors, art displays, and food trucks, as well as a stage manned by bands, dance troupes, and performance artists. Like with the past few PAPA's, this year's event will be based around the Downtown A.R.T.S. Market along Roosevelt Row, which will be the departure/arrival point and epicenter of everything else.

Mitchell says they're eager to include as wide a variety of art works as possible in both the parade and festival portions of PAPA 2013.

"It gives you a chance to let people know what you've been doing lately. If it's a giant advertisement for whatever art project you're working on or whatever costume you spent a lot of time making for Halloween but don't want to wear just once," she says. "We want the to people to be able to proudly show off the things they've created."

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Roosevelt A.R.T.S. Market

408 E. Roosevelt St., Phoenix, AZ

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