Call For Artists: Jen Deveroux's Nude Photography Show at monOrchid in November (NSFW)

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Modern Retro by Tate Hemlock, one of the works that will be featured in November's nude photo show at monOrchid.
The galleries of Roosevelt Row are certainly no strangers to showing off artsy nude photography. As a matter of fact, stylishly rendered pictures of the naked form have been a regular part the downtown Phoenix art scene mix, whether its scandalous shots leaving little to the imagination or more elegant and evocative works.

Jen Deveroux, however, wants the upcoming nude photography exhibition she's organizing at monOrchid in November to walk the line between these two extremes. As such, the nightlife promoter is seeking to showcase a mix of "high-caliber works" created by local photogs that utilize nudity or carnal imagery but are still within the realm of tastefulness.

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"There's a really fine line with what I'm looking for," she says. "I want some of it to be as provocative and as raw as it can be without being too disgusting, but I still want things to be interesting."

Which means photographs that delve into fetishistic and sensual themes, she explains, as long as they aren't too explicit.

Deveroux, who is known for the typically gonzo or titillating art shows and fashion events she's organized at downtown nightspots in recent years, says the currently untitled exhibition -- which opens on Friday, November 8 -- is "going be very different from previous things I've done." Consequently, she chose to hold the exhibition at an art space like monOrchid instead of at a bar or dance club.

It's the first event Deveroux has organized on Roosevelt Row and is part of a transition towards putting on more gallery-based art events in addition to her nightlife parties.

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214 E. Roosevelt St., Phoenix, AZ

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