It's Not Porn... Video Parodies HBO (NSFW)

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It's Not Porn...
Nowadays it seems like there's a fine line between high-brow pornography and quality cable programming. While the more professional adult videos cost money and contain graphic sex scenes, explicit language, and hard-to-believe plot lines, cable networks like HBO offer, well, all of those exact same things.

Seriously people, have you not seen our top sex scenes lists?

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A new short film by producer-director Alberto Belli is making the rounds on YouTube this week, receiving over 1.5 million hits since its publication September 10. The roughly two-minute video, which parodies the raunchy content of HBO's original series, depicts young Hollywood hopefuls describing their newly booked acting gigs to their friends.

After much talk of domination, ejaculation, back door access, orgies, and merkins, the source of these on-screen opportunities is clear: It's porn HBO.

As an added bonus, the film contains actual references to hit Home Box Office shows including Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Girls, and True Blood.

Check it out and see if you can pair the show to its sex scene.

(Note: "not porn" is still NSFW.)

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