Everything Is Terrible! Will Explain Why Everything Is Terrible at FilmBar

Courtesy of Everything is Terrible.
Puppets + Stand-Up Comedy + Clip Show = Everything Is Terrible? Maybe. Sometimes.
The self-proclaimed "psychedelic soldiers of the VHS realm" and all-around mad geniuses behind the found footage/puppeteering/live show extravaganza Everything Is Terrible! again is touring the country. While preaching the gospel of randomness, they're putting out two new film series -- one focusing on the dark and sometimes ridiculously closed-minded world of stand-up comedy, and the other focusing on the gentrification and commercialization of hip-hop.

While gearing up for their fourth Phoenix performance later this month, Jackalope Ranch chatted with Nic Maier, a.k.a Commodore Gilgamesh, about the upcoming show at FilmBar and just what exactly we can expect from that show. (SPOILER ALERT: The answer might be the unexpected.)

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Your videos and other media meant to explain what the group is all about can be pretty cryptic. What can attendees expect from an EIT show?

Honestly, we get bored so easily with everything that we can never give a straightforward explanation. As long as we keep our mission statement vague, we can evolve and keep people asking questions. I think that is one of the reasons Everything Is Terrible! fans keep coming back to shows -- every show is a totally different experience from the last. This time around, attendees can expect two absolutely insane movies jam-packed with the world's worst stand-up and fake hip-hop footage, which we somehow made pleasurable to watch. EIT!, as always, will be there with a new gang of homemade costumes, sets, and puppets to hold the audience members' sweaty hands throughout the whole experience! We aim to cram every darkened nook of your brain with an unprecedented amount of psychedelic hilarity.

When and how did EIT begin?
Talk about a boring snore fest of a tale. Most of us met in college in Ohio. After college, we moved away from each other. We wanted to continue to share our VHS finds with one another, as well as work on our editing, so we started the website to do so. Once people besides our friends began looking at it, we began making the movies, live shows, and original content videos -- anything we could get away with basically. Now we're five years in and we're an unstoppable machine.

Costumes seem to be a big thing in your performances. What's your favorite costume you've used onstage thus far?
The dog costumes from DoggieWoggiez! PoochieWoochiez!, which was our third movie, were probably the most fun to perform in! I tussled so many heads of hair in that dog suit! I think our Holiday Special stage set was by far the most complete, at least in its ability to fill every different space that we visited. But, in my opinion, the costume for Rusty Bouchet, the star of the Comic Relief Zero live show, is technically our most technically impressive costume.

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