Critique My Dick Pick is a Tumblr That Does Just That (NSFW)

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Courtesy Flickr user: brownpau
It must be hard for men -- constantly being aware of how little women are ogling your package, living in fear of unexpected cold fronts, and spending countless hours in the mirror wondering the age old question, "Do these pants make my penis look small?"

Fortunately there's a new Tumblr that sets the record straight on your perhaps not so straight member.

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At Critique My Dick Pic, participants can anonymously submit JPEGs of their genitalia for a publicly displayed review and letter grade. While each review is intended to be stern but fair, the site does not set out to demolish the self-esteem of the dick pic contributor.

As the Critique My Dick Pic creator writes in the blog's mission statement, "i'm never going to shame you about the size of your dick or what it looks like; i'm not about that life."

S/he does however delve into the aesthetic merit of your crude cock shots, taking into account features such as lighting, positioning, mood, and the occasional use of props. (Because how else are you going to let people know that your meat rod is roughly the size of an energy drink?)

To check out the obviously NSFW critiques or to submit a photo of your own, visit

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