7 Actresses We'd Rather See Play Anastasia in 50 Shades of Grey Movie

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Dakota Johnson in Ben and Kate

If you've been anxiously awaiting to hear who will play Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey in the movie adaptation of the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy, relief came yesterday.

As with every highly anticipated casting search, there's bound to be some disappointed fans. For the record, we're in that group. We just can't get behind Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele -- or Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey for that matter. Here's a list of actresses we'd rather see play Ms. Steele.

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Universal Pictures/Focus Features Anna Karenina

Alicia Vikander
Vikander is beautiful but hers is an understated kind of beauty that would work well with Anastasia's character. Her face is relatively unknown, and with reports circulating that author E.L. James wasn't interested in an A-lister playing the main roles, her lack of recognizability would've worked in her favor. She can pull off innocent and naive easily, and we think she'd make a great Ana.

Relativity Media/Yucaipa Films/Goldmann Pictures Mirror Mirror

Lily Collins
With Collins' big doe eyes, full lips, and cascading brown hair, she seemed like the perfect fit for Steele's character. Her look is unique and, like Vikander, she isn't that well-known or associated with a character already in fans' eyes (sorry Jennifer Lawrence). She was rumored to be a high contender for the role, and we think she would have been a much better fit.

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Susan Cactuswren
Susan Cactuswren

WHO FUCKING CARES who stars in Fifty Shades Of I Don't Give A Fart In Hell?

Jack Sigler
Jack Sigler

I was hoping they would get Ben Affleck for Anastasia, but I guess he is busy.

Dustin Demoss
Dustin Demoss

Getting Charlie Hunnam to sign on to this farse of a fan fiction piece of shit is only a ploy to get guys to go see this. Won't work.

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