13th Floor and Chambers of Fear Haunted Attractions to Open This Weekend

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Courtesy of 13th Floor Haunted House
A Grim Reaper-like creature inside 13th Floor Haunted House.
For folks who are big into ghosts and goblins, Halloween is the biggest holiday of the year. And it never seems to get here fast enough. If you're one of those types who can't wait to get your scare on, the good news is that the spooky staff at two different Valley haunted attractions will be more than happy to oblige a few days from now.

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The grotesque-looking creatures and characters inside Chambers of Fear in Surprise and the 13th Floor Haunted House in North Phoenix will get a jump on the Halloween season starting this weekend, as both scare joints will open Friday, September 13. It's a fitting date to start unleashing terror, and each establishment will offer its own brand of bone-chilling thrills, as well as a variety of new monsters and surprises that were conjured over the past several months.

Visitors to 13th Floor, for instance, might just cross paths with some of the new additions to its cast of fiends and freaks, like a downright repulsive rat man or some extremely creepy clowns.

They'll join an already bizarre rogue's gallery populating the haunt that includes "Thriller"-style zombie dancers, malicious winged imps, and its signature character, Mr. Hallows (a towering demon-like figure clad in a stovepipe hat).

Timothy Pugsley, 13th Floor's aptly named general manager, promises that it's cast members will be more skilled with their scare tactics this year. More in-depth training sessions and rehearsals were conducted during the summer, he says, with the goal of amping things up at the attraction.

Courtesy of 13th Floor Haunted House
The Gravestone Park Asylum at 13th Floor Haunted House.

"The main thing we've been focusing on over the off-season has been changing and increasing our training regimen for the actors inside [13th Floor]. We wanted to make them a little bit more scary and a little more over the top than they have been," Pugsley says. "Actors have been rehearsing and practicing for months now. We've gone above and beyond what we've done before to make sure they're are the scariest they can be."

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13th Floor Haunted House

2814 W. Bell Road, Phoenix, AZ

Category: General

Chambers of Fear

11340 W. Bell Road, Surprise, AZ

Category: General

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Pam Andrews Rausch
Pam Andrews Rausch

Great article! Best wishes for a successful and horrific year ;)

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