Touring Scottsdale's Hotel Valley Ho

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Laura Armenta

In 1956, Scottsdale was a small city of 7,000 residents. The one-square-mile agricultural town was considered a long drive from Phoenix. Scottsdale started gaining popularity with winter visitors. Tourism and high-end shopping began to boom -- and the Hotel Valley Ho was born.

Jackalope Ranch took a tour of the hotel, the first in Scottsdale to have central air conditioning, to learn more about its history (and snap a few photos, too). Here's what we found.

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Laura Armenta

Edward L. Varney, a wealthy architect known for his modern, minimalistic style (and a student of Frank Lloyd Wright), was commissioned to design the hotel, which is the sister property of the Westward Ho in downtown Phoenix. Varney, also known for designing ASU's Sun Devil Stadium, was innovative when it came to his buildings. For example, when designing the Valley Ho, he ran all electrical wiring through underground tunnels instead of utilizing above-ground utility poles, which would've been an eyesore. Varney also planned ahead and made sure the main hotel building was structured to hold a seven-story tower. This was at a time when building up was unheard of in Scottsdale, and a tower was nowhere in the immediate plans.

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Hotel Valley Ho

6850 E. Main St., Scottsdale, AZ

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Westward Ho

618 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ

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