Phoenix Suns Dancer and Manager Have Tips for Auditions on August 17

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Photos courtesy of the Phoenix Suns
We get the scoop on what it really takes to be a Suns Dancer.
Say what you will about professional cheerleaders, but these women take their job seriously. And they have to, since being a Phoenix Suns Dancer requires a lot more than just good looks and dance ability. Don't believe it? We asked veteran Suns Dancer Brittney and Suns Dancer manager Taryn Carmichael for a few tips and the inside scoops on what to expect when auditions for the 2013-2014 Phoenix Suns Dancers roll around on August 17.

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Brittney, who has been a Suns Dancer for the past four years, had one important word of advice who anyone who might be heading to the auditions.

"I recommend you be yourself and have fun -- confidence is a really big thing," she says.

Carmichael reiterated that the team looks for people who possess "a whole package," meaning talented performers who are also "outgoing, wonderful people inside and out." Though some dancers, like Brittney, grew up dancing and have had formal training, a dance background isn't required to be on the team.

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