Inside 9 Phoenix Creatives' Cool Homes and Studios

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Shawn Raymundo

With our series Personal Space, Jackalope Ranch gets an inside look at the homes and studios of some of Phoenix's most interesting folks, like artists, designers, shop owners, and entrepreneurs. Here's a look back at some of our favorites we've visited (so far).

Mary Shindell's Dynamic Dual Studios
Mary Shindell divides her productive energies between two studios: one in her home tucked close to the mountains and the other located behind an industrial rigging field on Jackson Street.

With a soft, resonating ring of wind chimes, the rustling of quail, and the ever-so-often distant howl of coyotes at night, it's no wonder Shindell plans her projects at her peaceful home studio. Read more.

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Thania Betancourt

SMoCA Director Tim Rodgers' Thoughtful, Eclectic, and Locally Designed Home
Tim Rodgers understands that a home like his isn't for everyone. After seeing (and lusting after) the compelling architectural forms of his current residence two and a half years ago, the director of SMoCA knew it would be just the right house for him and his partner, Jeff Halakal. Read more.

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Heather Nash
Heather Nash

Martin Nash of NashFX in Apache Junction

Thania A. Betancourt
Thania A. Betancourt

Work by Mary Grace Richardson, Shawn Raymundo and I. Happy to see it again.

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