Phoenix Has Highest Number of BDSM Converts, Survey Shows

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There's no denying that 50 Shades of Grey has sparked quite the open discussion about BDSM in the bedroom. The number one bestselling book, which sold more than 70 million copies in just one year, has spawned fan-based fetish events worldwide and in one of the largest countries to be founded by prudes -- the good old U.S. of A.

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And because apparently the only thing people love more than aggressive foreplay is state-by-state rankings, sugar daddy dating site put together a survey to find the top 10 states with the kinkiest turnover. Tracking the number of women seeking BDSM relationships since the 50 Shades' 2011 publication, the percentage increases are as follows:

1. Phoenix, AZ - 96.2 percent
2. San Francisco, CA - 95 percent
3. Detroit, MI - 50.5 percent
4. Indianapolis, IN - 49.7 percent
5. Las Vegas, NV - 44.4 percent
6. San Jose, CA - 42.3 percent
7. Philadelphia, PA - 42.6 percent
8. Tampa, FL - 40 percent
9. San Diego, CA - 37 percent
10. Los Angeles, CA - 33.3 percent

Although San Francisco came in at a close second, Phoenix was the front runner for the biggest upsurge of fetish-seeking females. But since we share a county with one of the least sinful city in America, endure temperatures not conducive to black leather, and have quite possibly the largest snowbird population outside Florida, the culprit of this crescendo in kinky behavior remains a mystery to us.

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