Bachelorette Star Jillian Harris on Bachelor Juan Pablo and Reality TV

It always seems like the vast majority of people choose to stay, though. Is that accurate?
People are so invested in their own spaces, and if you're going to be investing the money to renovate, chances are you're going to want to stay. Otherwise, you'd just sell to begin with. So sometimes it's a bit frustrating for Todd, although him and I have a lot of fun together. But I'm really confident with our design team and confident with what people need and people, although they seem really angry on the show when there are issues, they always understand that it's not my fault and that it needs to be fixed. I usually see them at the beginning of the day so I'm like, "So what are we going to fight over today?" But actually the homeowners are lovely.

Would you ever consider doing Bachelor Pad?
Uh, not now, because I'm with Justin and I think we have a very mature, loving relationship and I don't think that show is good for that. But in the past when I was still single, before I met Justin, I considered it. Like, I thought it would be fun and I watched my friends do it. You know, you always think, "Oh it would be so bad for my career." But people still love you. People get over it. I personally love the show Bachelor Pad almost better than The Bachelor now, and they haven't done a season in a while. But no, now that I'm in a relationship I think that's probably out of the cards for me.

Probably a smart choice. What about Juan Pablo? Any opinions about the next Bachelor?
I don't know...he's really good looking. That's all I really have to say about that! I don't really have much of an opinion yet, but you know one thing I've realized that's actually a little bit humbling is that I watch the show -- and they're brand new people that I haven't met -- and I watch the show like a fan. And sometimes, I get a little bit sassy in my opinions. But then, when the show ends, those people are automatically part of the family, and I feel bad, like, about my opinions! Like when Sean [Lowe] said that he hadn't had sex or that he was going to abstain from having sex until he got married, I just was like in shock and didn't believe it. But I feel like now that he is part of my family, that is something I should have kept to myself.

So, sometimes I have a hard time reviewing and commenting on what's happening, but I do think, from what I know, Juan Pablo was one my favorite's on Desiree's season. I think he was a really smart pick. I think he's good eye candy and he's got good personality and I've gone through his Instagram and seen he has like a little niece or a nephew and he seems to be very cuddly and lovey. So I think he'll be a good guy.

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