Bachelorette Star Jillian Harris on Bachelor Juan Pablo and Reality TV

Courtesy of Jillian Harris
Designer and reality TV star Jillian Harris came to the Valley almost two weeks ago to spice up one homeowner Ricci Rivera's feline-troubled home, where Harris spent a day creating a cat-friendly corner. We caught up with her to talk about how she got into the design world and how her newest project, Charlie Ford, is going since she launched this past spring.

And, of course, we had to get her thoughts on the next Bachelor, Juan Pablo.

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If you're not in the know about this small-town Canadian girl, know that there's no shortage of reasons why she's kind of a big deal. Besides being an interior designer, Harris has made a name for herself on ABC's The Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise. She starred in The Bachelorette's fifth season after fighting for Jason Mesnick's heart on The Bachelor's 13th season and leaving loveless. The Bachelor nation fell in love with her humor, sass, and mostly her honesty that season. It's won her a fan base that transcends the show. Fans will remember her picturesque proposal from Ed Swiderski, though the couple broke off their engagement in July 2010.

Since then she's moved on shows including Extreme Makeover Home Edition and HGTV's Love It or List It, Too, which she co-hosts with realtor Todd Talbot. Most recently she's been focusing on her online vintage furniture and accessory store, Charlie Ford Vintage, which she started with her cousin Tori.

What have you done in Scottsdale so far? Are you looking forward to hitting any special spots?
We just got in late last night and we're staying at the Fairmont and they set us up with an amazing bottle of champagne and cheese and crackers. So, we got in and we had a little bit of bubbly, and tomorrow I'm going to sleep in and lie by the pool -- if I can handle it! And we're going to dinner at [Bourbon Steak]. Sunday morning we're going to the spa and shopping.

Courtesy of Jillian Harris
Fun! And how is Charlie Ford going since you launched this June?
It's going so good. It's been such a learning process but it has re-energized me. I was feeling, a little bit like, punch-in-the-clock kind of thing, and it's totally re-energized me and made me just so happy and grateful for what I do. Since I became a public figure I've always been working so hard on other people's ventures, to promote other people's products and other people's TV shows and whatnot. And I've been so grateful to do it and I've met so many amazing people, but this has made me decide that maybe I want to start my own thing. And it is difficult ... Like, I wake up at four in the morning and go to Google analytics and go to the site and see what has sold and think "What else could people be looking for?" and "How else can I make the site better?" But it's been fun. I did it with my cousin Tori -- her and I are like best friends and sisters -- and the name is named after her son. So it's like a family business.

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