Your Guide to Indie Game Bundles

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If you are a videogame player on a budget, a casual game player who likes to sample, or a supporter of independent game developers, then you should look into the wonderful world of indie bundles. They're a recent Internet phenomenon; as the name implies, an indie bundle is a set of games from independent developers that are sold as a set, usually for extremely low prices and available for a limited time. In many cases, part of the money for each bundle is donated to charity. You get a bunch of new games, your money goes to support good causes and independent developers, so it's a win all-around.

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There are a few caveats about these bundles. The games are available only for home computers, although they are usually available in PC, Mac, and Linux varieties. There have been some specific Android bundles, but these are not the norm. Many of the games are only available through Steam, a streaming game service. The service does not cost anything and provides some additional features, but ultimately, your game lives on someone else's server instead of your own PC. Like any other purchase on the Internet, always read the entire page to make sure you know exactly what you are buying.

Humble Bundle - Humble works on a "pay what you want" system. You can pay whatever amount you want for the games listed, above a certain minimum. If you pledge more than the average of all of the previous buyers, you get a few extra bonuses. This is a good incentive to buy early, as the average price will only rise. Humble also allows you to determine how your purchase is split between the selected charities, the game developers, and the site itself.

In addition to their normal game bundles, Humble also has a smaller weekly bundle available, and will occasionally do bundles of Android games, music, or eBooks.

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