Call to Artists: Artel Phx at The Clarendon Hotel in Phoenix

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The Clarendon Hotel
Boutique hotel The Clarendon is accustomed to getting gussied up for photo shoots, parties, and the occasional magazine spread. But this fall, the historic hotel is teaming up with Artel Phx to turn its space into a giant compilation of site-specific art installations.

And here's the best part -- they're looking to local artists to make it happen.

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The temporary takeover of the Clarendon will transform the rooftop skydeck, the oasis pool and waterwall, the lobby, the front entrance hotel rooms, and exterior projections into the creative works of mover than 20 selected artists.

The final unveiling of the Artel Phx exhibit at The Clarendon is scheduled for Friday and Saturday, September 6 and 7, with a special VIP preview party on Thursday, September 5. Artists interested in submitting proposals to present their installations in Artel Phx at The Clarendon must do so by August 15.

To be considered, applicants must submit a one-page document containing a detailed description of the proposed installation with visual illustration as well as some additional information listed on the Artel Phx application page.

The Clarendon is encouraging artists to research the space or room that best accommodates their idea by visiting the hotel online or in person. These installations are intended to be multi-media with the option of including live performance, music, and video. Applicants will be chosen based on the innovation of their ideas and must supply all of their own creative materials if selected.

For more information, visit Artel Phx online.

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The Clarendon Hotel - Phoenix's Urban Retreat

401 W. Clarendon Ave., Phoenix, AZ

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I was about to enter a proposal for a badass exterior projection mapping installation as well as an interior room iprojection nstallation, but read the details and they expect the artists to fund the entire thing?  Am I missing something?  I figured if our proposal was chosen we would at least be provided a small budget to work with.  I'm all for doing the work for a cool local gig, but A/V equipment such as projectors etc cost money to buy or rent.  If the Clarendon / artelphx isn't willing to fund these projects (which are in turn helping to promote the hotel and drive traffic there) then I don't see why any artist would participate unless they have a bunch of equipment lying around.  It makes no sense - there has to be a give and take.  I'm not asking to be paid, I'm asking for funding to pay for a great quality A/V installation.  And please don't tell me it's for "exposure."  #nospec


@justinkatzHello, this is Tara Sharpe, the founder and curator of ARTELPHX. 2013 is the inaugural year for ARTELPHX. Unfortunately we don't have any stipends that we can provide to the artists. We also decided to not charge any artists a submission fee (which is how most projects are funded other than independent sponsors) so we didn't put a financial strain on everyone just to help a few select artists. I do find it unfortunate that you find "exposure" to have no monetary value for artists. If you show your work to the right attendee of the event, you just might find funding for your ARTELPHX project next year. I am an independent artist and curator, working without a salary and out of pocket with the goal being bringing more arts funding, dollars and exposure to the Phoenix market from international and national sources. Just to clarify, ARTELPHX and The Clarendon are two separate operations, and The Clarendon Hotel was gracious enough to donate rooms (putting 20 rooms out of service for a week in a 105 room hotel) and use of their property for ARTELPHX 2013. I hope that you are able to submit, I feel that impressing to the public that there is more to "fine art" than just painting is important. You may contact me directly at

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