How to Choose the Best Bangs for Your Face Shape

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Kirsten Dunst in Bachelorette

Bangs can be a good disguise for any women by creating softness, accentuating eyes, showing off those cheek bones, and creating a more youthful look. Choosing the style of bangs for you can be tough, but we've assembled this guide to getting the best bangs for your buck by pairing seven different face shapes with their best-suited fringe.

Round: If your face is round like Kirsten Dunst, then try a deep side part bang that grazes the cheek bone. Fringe hitting mid cheek bone will help to elongate and open up your face whether you part in the center or always keep it to the side.

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Heart-Shaped: If your heart desires a look similar to Reese Witherspoon's, then try a softer side swept bang. The shortest piece should hit the top of your brow and longest piece should fall just above your eyelid. Make sure the fringe doesn't go wide near your natural recession, which would make your cheek bones look even wider.

Oval: Congratulations. We all want your face. An oval face shape is the most versatile, the perfect canvas for your hair to frame. Before making the cut, consider the length and style you desire and go from there. You can do anything from straight across, side swept, or deep fringe. Experiment and find what works for your hair length.

Square: Square face shapes will either love or hate bangs. Soften the corners of a square shape with side swept bangs that hit mid-cheek or a choppy, straight-across bang with softness on the sides. The center strands can be more texturized than the rest of the bangs, so that just a little forehead peeks through.

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