Batman vs. Superman: 5 Actor Picks and 3 Skips for Casting the New Dark Knight

Riddle me this, riddle me that -- who's gonna be the next bat . . . man.
Perhaps the best part of a new Batman movie announcement is the ever-churning rumor mill pumping out new speculation every day until concrete details are announced. This time, it's spewing out nonsense at full blast because it's not just the villain unknown to fans, it's Batman himself. Christian Bale reportedly was offered oodles of cash to play the aging vigilante playboy in Batman vs. Superman, but the actor has been very vocal that he doesn't wish to reprise his role as the caped crusader. There are only a few Hollywood men able to fill his cowl -- and there are some who definitely shouldn't. Here's the scoop on all of them.

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Five Picks for the New Batman

Andrew Lincoln
As the lead in Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln has shown his moody, intense acting chops through some insanely tragic moments. If the above clip doesn't have you weeping like a ninny after about three seconds, you're likely made of stone . . . Or you're a walker. You know which superhero was born from tragedy? Mutha f***n Batman. Besides, Superman (Henry Cavill) is a Brit, so let's go all the way U.K. and make Batman British, too.

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.
This is Josh Brolin's smile.
Josh Brolin
When it comes to grizzled rough-and-tough dudes, Josh Brolin's stubble holds more manliness than most men's, well, everything else. There's a reason he's been cast as a badass cowboy time after time: He looks like he survives on whiskey and cold stares. Just try to imagine that ruggedness applied to an aging, damaged, and beaten Bruce Wayne. Step aside, Christian Bale.

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