Photos: ASU's Manzanita Hall Gets a Makeover

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Melissa Fossum
Manzanita Hall, as seen from University Drive

Anyone who has recent memories of Arizona State University's iconic Manzanita Hall knows that the place was in desperate need of some love. The dorm rooms hadn't changed much, since they were opened to students in 1967. Before the residential hall was closed almost three years ago, the dorm rooms were cramped and dingy, the beds were uncomfortable, the elevators were slow, and the bathrooms were tiny.

This semester, ASU's incoming freshmen College of Liberal Arts and Sciences students were lucky to have the option of moving into the new and very much improved Manzy. From the outside, it doesn't look like much has changed, but upon walking into the remodeled building it's clear that Manzanita is now one of the nicer dorms on campus.

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Construction began in early 2011, transforming Manzanita into a state-of-the art dorm with space for approximately 800 students on its 14 residential floors. The building has nine different floor plans, giving approximately 56 students per floor a brand new, environmentally-sound place to live. The whole building is LEED-certified. Now the lights in the lounge areas and bathrooms all turn off after three minutes of inactivity. The old lock-and-key dorm room doors have been replaced with plastic keys that swipe to lock the doors, making it nearly impossible for students to lock themselves out.

Here's a look at the new Manzy.

Melissa Fossum
Manzanita Hall's main lobby

Manzy's facelift is clear upon walking into the building. The only thing that remains from the old look is the lobby's original floor.

Melissa Fossum
Community computers at Manzanita Hall

Down the hall from the front desk is a shared office area, which features iMacs with large screens and a conference table.

Melissa Fossum

Manzy has quite a few community learning areas on the first floor, complete with plenty of whiteboards.

Melissa Fossum
A Manzanita Hall conference room

This conference room locks for students' privacy.

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Manzanita Hall at ASU

100 E. University Drive, Tempe, AZ

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Rick Masters
Rick Masters

no amount of bleach can "makeover" that thing.


These dorms are nicer than my apartment.  I hope there is a plaque somewhere to commemorate dorms that have passed on.  I was one of the last occupants of Ocotillo. Let us all have a moment of silence for Mariposa and Saguaro Hall, as well. 

Melissa Rein Lively
Melissa Rein Lively

Which is amazing because it was a complete shite hole during my ASU tenure.

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