Cecilia Valentine Creates Live Animal Accessories

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Hamster cage necklace from Fur Is Alive by Cecilia Valentine
If diamonds are forever, then caged-rodent jewelry surely is on the other end of the spectrum. In the crosshairs of going green and getting a rise out of people, conceptual artist and jewelry designer Cecilia Valentine has created a line of statement pieces that don't so much sparkle as they do squeak.

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In a special segment of her portfolio titledFur is Alive, Valentine brings discussion to the décolleté area with open air-cage accessories containing live mice, chicks, and other fauna. The conceptual jewelry pieces are intended to raise awareness of animals rights and their disregard in the fashion industry -- specifically when it comes to fur.

Birdcage necklace from Fur Is Alive by Cecilia Valentine
Covering her own animal-activist ass, Valentine assures viewers of her portfolio that animals in the 3D printed accessories are either Photoshopped or were given plenty of treats for their assistance. She also notes that these critter-filled creations are not actually intended to be worn in reality and thus are not for sale. Well, rats.

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Jackalope Ranch
Jackalope Ranch

Maybe mouse necklaces will be the new dogs in purses.

Troy Farah Faucet
Troy Farah Faucet

I really hope this catches on and we see celebrities on the red carpet wearing necklaces like this and then the thing craps all over them.

Joe Dragt
Joe Dragt

i'm all for innovative...but I dont know about this one...who needs to wear something that can piss and shit all over you?


She remind me of lovetinkerbell who is also using animal for arts stating she is making a point on how animal are used by humans,she does not goes as far as tinker bell because unlike tinker bell who kills animals for her pieces she is not harming them .but the result is the same as she is exploiting the animals for having people talking about her and getting noticed through the easy controversy animals rights always create. Lets hope this wont give people ideas to replicate this for real .i don't see a point at all in this just hypocrisie not animal rights awareness in my view....


They aren't for sale?  If the artist isn't in it for the money then what exactly is her point?  It's still exploitative to the animals and completely unnecessary.  Want to wear jewelry?  Go find a local artisan who uses natural, non-living materials and support him/her.

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