Afterlife in Scottsdale Now Closed

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Benjamin Leatherman
Afterlife in Scottsdale.
Members of the 18-and-over crowd looking for late-night thrills won't be lining up outside of Afterlife in Scottsdale this weekend, or any other weekend. The Old Town all-ages and after-hours dance club closed for good within the last week, which means the underage partiers will have to look elsewhere.

Afterlife proprietor Aron Mezo told Jackalope Ranch that the closing was due to the fact that he wasn't able to broker a lease agreement with the new property owner, who had recently purchased the building that hosts the club. As a consequence, he was forced to pull the plug and vacate the premises.

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"I would've liked to have finished out the month or maybe have a little closing party," he says, "But I basically was unable to strike a deal with the landlord."

Mezo says that the 5,000-square-foot property along Drinkwater Boulevard that has been the home for Afterlife and its predecessor e4 for eight years was sold earlier this month to Steve Cooper and Entertainment U.S.A., which also owns the Christie's Cabaret chain of strip clubs.

Talks between Mezo and his new landlords resulted in a potential six-month lease, which the club proprietor says he balked at due to the money involved. While he declined to state the specific amount, it was apparently too rich for his blood. (Calls to Cooper and Entertainment U.S.A. regarding comment on the matter were not immediately returned.)

"They were asking for a ridiculous amount of money to renew the lease for a six-month term. It was a lot of skin to put in the game for such a short amount of time," he says. "It just didn't make good financial sense since we're not selling liquor like the liquor boys [a.k.a. other clubs] do."

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Afterlife - CLOSED

4282 N. Drinkwater Blvd., Scottsdale, AZ

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wont be missed, terrible place to play as a dj, they treated the talent like crap, horrible sound upstairs and down (blown speakers all the time)  diry, smelly , yukky place, staff was rude and always gave 'tude' at the door,all around terrible place to be, good riddens 

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