Wig Mafia's Petey Pe$o on Old School/New School Urban Style

Petey Pe$o (foreground) and Brock "MegaWatts" Roulier (background) of Wig Mafia.
If you've spent a weekend night out in Scottsdale's nightlife district anytime in recent years, it's probable that you've spied Wig Mafia in action. And it's hard not to gawk at the two-man party crew and hip-hop team since they're sort of eye-catching, even among Old Town's ostentatious masses.

If the duo of Petey Pe$o and Brock "MegaWatts" Roulier have a gig that night or are out promoting while partying, each will be wearing Adidas or Puma track suits, snow-white kicks, and a slew of color-coordinated bling and accessories. And, obviously, huge afro-like costume wigs. When the pair are in full-on Wig Mafia mode, Pe$o says, it usually means they're planning on going wild out, like during their music video shoot this Sunday at Spanish Fly in Scottsdale.

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It goes without saying that the Wig Mafia's outfits and vibe are a perfect fit for Scottsdale, as they prefer to pull out the stops with their partying and bottle-popping adventures. Pe$o even bragged to Jackalope Ranch during our recent interview that they tend to go harder than most. And they plan to do just that at this weekend's blowout, which will feature their cohort DJ Slippe in the mix and also celebrate the birthday of local rapper Hot Rod.

Wiggin out with Pe$o (left) and MegaWatts.

But while the hip-hop duo and party instigators take their wild times pretty seriously, their attitudes are anything but. They still tend to have fun with the whole over-the-top nature of Wig Mafia and even satirize Scottsdale to a small degree. Hence their gonzo ensembles, which are sort of like a mash-up of Run DMC's look with bits of LMFAO, and represent what Pe$o describes as a fashion mixture old school urban meets new school style.

What are you wearing for Wig Mafia's video shoot on Sunday?
We always wear the same thing and just accessorize to where we match every time we perform. Sort of more of the old school Adidas look with track suits, white Adidas [hightops] shoes as well. And depending on the color of the suits, I match the hat and Brock matches the headband, like we go all red for the red track suits. We have a black and green Puma outfit as well, and I have a black hat that goes great with that.

What sort of hats do you prefer?
It depends. With snapbacks, it's kind of hard to find one that actually fits the wig, so I usually wear a fitted cap. I got the Phillies hat because it's got the "P" for Petey Pe$o.

Needless to say, Wig Mafia is big on accessorizing.
Yep, we definitely accessorize. We got the thick, old school dookie rope gold chains. And we tend to match the watches as well with gold Nixons. We were dealing with Remix watches for a while, since you could change out the color of the band incorporate that with the outfits. We've also got matching shades, mainly the Cazals and the Rocawears we've been wearing lately. And the wigs, of course.

Of course. Where do you get those, anyway?
We get 'em from the Mardi Gras [Costume Shop] off of Indian Bend and Granite Reef.

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