Vibrating Bike Seat Sex Toy for Sale (NSFW)

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Often, we've looked at someone on a bicycle and thought, "Why does that person look so happy?" Is it because she's minimizing her carbon footprint? Is it because she's shedding a few extra pounds to rock that new bikini?

No. It's because her seat is vibrating.

Sex Shop 365
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At Sex Shop 365 (NSFW), British bicyclists are riding high with the Happy Ride Vibrating Bike Seat. Promising exactly what its name suggests, this bike seat cover fits snugly over standard saddle sizes and comes with an inside seat vibrator as well as a vibe controller so you can shift gears, so to speak, while you ride.

Obviously, as much the consumer may be fine with pleasuring herself in the mobile outdoors, the makers of the Happy Ride Vibrating Bike Seat know that discretion is still of the utmost importance, which is why they've designed the vibe controller to be cleverly hidden in a pocket directly behind the seat, so that nosy, non-masturbating bystanders will be none the wiser.

This adult accessory is available online for £28 and ships directly to the United States. So you too can get a little pick-me-up while running your errands just like we now assume they do in the U.K.

Finally your alternative means of transportation and your alternative lifestyle can come together as one.

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