The Newsroom: A Hookup Wish List for Season Two

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The Newsroom cast
We love everything about The Newsroom, so don't even start to try to tell us that it's unrealistic or that the characters are all too witty. The HBO series, created by Aaron Sorkin (Moneyball, The Social Network, and The West Wing), follows the crew of Atlantic Cable News who are trying to create, in the words of Jeff Daniels' character Will McAvoy: "A nightly newscast that informs a debate worthy of a great nation. Civility, respect, and a return to what's important; the death of bitchiness; the death of gossip and voyeurism; speaking truth to stupid. No demographic sweet spot; a place where we can all come together."

Which is super-commendable and all . . . but, what about the hookups? The sex scenes, for which we've come to know and love on premium cable? They're all but nonexistent through season one. But we're a pretty optimistic bunch, so here's the list of love action we want to when the second season kicks off Sunday night.

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McKenzie McHale and Will McAvoy

Wikimedia Commons

If you don't want to see these two get together, then you're kind of missing the entire point of the show. The love triangle thing between McAvoy and his sassy, passionate producer (and ex-girlfriend) McKenzie is the show's main relationship plot line. Sure, she cheated on him. But anyone who knows Will McAvoy knows he's not exactly easy to love. Forgive her, Will! And then get it on. Please? We're tired of waiting.

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