7 Ways Social Media Is Ruining Your Social Life

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Social media has become a part of our daily routine as much as brushing our teeth or putting on shoes. The irony is that social media can stop you from having an exciting social life. Think about it this way: Every time you look down to check your phone, not only does gravity pull down your face, but your next BFF or love interest could pass you by. Here are seven ways social media could be ruining your life at this very moment.

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Candy Crush is a Hobby

Hayley-Jade Cass

If this is you after finally beating level 65 of Candy Crush, then you need a productive hobby. This game is highly addicting and fun, but it shouldn't be the source of your happiness. Here are questions to ask yourself: "How is this helping my life?" "How would my crush feel knowing I'm on level 98?" "Wow, did I really spend actual money for virtual lives?" Solution: Limit the candy crushing. Dust off that guitar and learn how to play it. Go for a walk. Go write an outline for that book you've been talking about.

"Liking" People, Events or Places, but Never Pursuing Them


We all have that one guy or girl who we secretly occasionally stalk on various networks. Instead of pursuing them, we like their pictures (like creeps). Same goes for events invites on Facebook. This is ruining your social life. It's called a social network for a reason. Message that person, or go to the event. You never know; it could be fun.

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Laura Danks
Laura Danks

There's some irony in "liking" this post. Still... []

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