RAW Kaleidoscope Showcases Art, Fashion, and Zombies in Downtown Phoenix (VIDEO)

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Melissa Fossum
Folks watching Nothing Not Normal's runway presentation

The RAW Kaleidoscope Showcase had a little something for everyone, showing off the talents of local artists in various media. Both floors of Monarch Theatre were full of art displays, fashion, music, and mingling creative types. The event had such a big turnout that it was sometimes difficult to get around the venue, but the pieces were worth the wait.

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Melissa Fossum
Nothing Not Normal

Zombies are all the rage right now, making Nothing Not Normal's makeup designs all the more entertaining. The company had a few designs on display upstairs, including a cheerleader with rotting flesh and an illustration of a zombie girl with purple hair. Five girls strutted the runway with Nothing Not Normal's make up designs, one had part of her chest ripped up and another was a glam zombie girl sauntering down the runway.

Melissa Fossum
Jesse Perry's work at RAW

Jesse Perry's work is instantly recognizable to anyone who frequents Roosevelt Row. The 28-year-old painter is responsible for the sushi chef octopus mural outside of Pallets, and his work succeeds on a smaller scale as well. His work at Kaleidoscope included graffiti-style bunnies and octopuses with big eyes.

Melissa Fossum

Pawztography took animal love to another level with a series of pet portraits. Dawn Rotta takes pictures of her furry friends to raise interest in adoptions and animal rescues, which is easy when faced with a panel full of adorable puppy eyes.

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The Monarch Theatre

122 E. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ

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