Five Favorite Metro Phoenix Sports Bars for Watching Baseball

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The alcohol selection at Padre Murphy's
America is a great and prosperous nation with many pastimes, the best of which are drinking and baseball. Therefore, we find the best way to celebrate this great nation is going to a sports bar to drink beer and watch baseball.

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This year, thankfully, your Arizona Diamondbacks don't suck; in fact, they are actually good. So head to a local sports bar and root for the D-backs to continue their winning ways. Just so you know where to go, here are five places where we love to watch baseball.


Blue 32
It's not often that the words classy and sports bar are used in the same sentence, except, of course, when describing Blue 32. And even though its name has football origins, we still think Blue 32 makes for a great place to watch a baseball game, thanks to its abundance of beers. Whether you're a Diamondbacks fan or not -- God forbid -- you most likely can catch any one of 30 major-league teams on any one of the enormous flat-screens scattered throughout the bar. But if you want the seat right in front of the TV come early, as fans flock here to catch a glimpse of their teams.

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Padre Murphy's
Padre's is possibly our favorite place to watch a game. Despite its potentially confusing name, Padre's is 100 percent a sports bar, not a Mexican-Irish fusion place. Before you even walk inside, you'll realize this is a great place for a baseball fan, as in front of its double doors is a brick from the original Yankee Stadium. As if that wasn't proof enough, three ballpark seats are ready to greet you once you walk in the door. Add on 80-plus TVs and a large sports memorabilia collection, and Padre Murphy's is a sports fan's dream. If you do get bored in the middle of a baseball game, as we know they can be a little tedious on occasion, go gamble. Padre's has several off-track betting windows to help you pass the time.

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Catch 22 Sports Grill

18725 N. 32nd St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Music

Alice Cooperstown

101 E. Jackson St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

Blue 32 Sports Grill

1524 E. Williams Field Road, Gilbert, AZ

Category: Restaurant

Padre Murphy's

4338 W. Bell Road, Glendale, AZ

Category: Music

Majerle's Sports Grill

24 N. 2nd St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Music

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JohnQ.Public topcommenter

You missed Zipps Sprts Grills.    We frequent the ones at 100th/Frank Lloyd Wright and Greenway/64th St but they are all reliable and have great game day food.  You've mentioned their wings before but most of what they do is good.

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