Piestewa Peak Hiking Trail Alternatives in Phoenix Mountain Preserve

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Nina Gruber
With the ultra popular Echo Canyon shut down for the majority of the year, hikers have flooded to the gates of the Piestewa Peak summit trail. Though there is a debate over the comparable difficulty of the two trails, avid Echoers run up and down Piestewa alongside the tourists and families there for the view. If this sounds overwhelming, and it certainly can be at points in the trail, we have news for you: This particular park offers almost 45 miles of trails with varying difficulty and foot traffic.

More than just Piestewa Peak? Yes, much more.

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Nina Gruber

Huge (though not the largest) and surrounded completely by our bustling city, Phoenix Mountain Preserve is a unique piece of desert with 19 different trails meandering through its mountainous terrain. Trails to other peaks around the preserve, like Lookout Mountain, are easy to moderate with just a half-mile climb, and the park also offers the Charles M. Christiansen Memorial trail at 10 miles in length. Almost all the trails are multipurpose, giving options for mountain bikes and horse riding, and you can even take your pooch along some of these paths.

Nina Gruber
A trail along the circumference or an informative nature trail: There's something for everyone

So if these days of summer heat are keeping you away from the daunting and challenging summit trail, maybe consider something longer yet less intense, like the Freedom Trail #302 that follows the circumference of Piestewa. If you decide along the way that another trail interests you, you can take a turn off for the Pearl Charles Memorial Trail or the Nature Trail lined with placards describing the desert life surrounding you. There are plenty of options (we aren't going to tally up all the possible trail combinations you could take), various points of entry around town, and much to explore, all within the confines of our Phoenix Metro. Nobody says you have to follow a certain trail to its completion, instead wander and figure out a direction that suits you. For a detailed map, check here.

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Piestewa Peak Park

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Phoenix Mountains Park

2701 E. Squaw Peak Drive, Phoenix, AZ

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Camelback Mountain/Echo Canyon Recreation Area

5950 N. Echo Canyon Parkway, Paradise Valley, AZ

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