Five Summer Nail Trends You Have to Try

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Anna Stimson

Sporting on-trend nails this summer means going big or keeping your mani to yourself. Choose one of these looks or choose to rock them all. Whatever you decide, keep in mind that bling and bold shapes are accessorizing fingers across the Internet -- and they take up less room in your summer suitcase than jewelry. Here are five nail-art trends you have to (at least) try this summer.

Nail Charms: Adding nail charms to your finger this summer is a fun way for beauty buffs to make your mani stand out. Studs, spikes, rhinestones and even tiny little bows can be fun and help accessorize (just make sure your outfit is toned down).

Tip: Start with a single polish color on all nails. Then mix in metallic rhinestones and matte beads or studs and bows. Do one nail or do them all -- your options here are endless.

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Nudes: Keep it simple with neutrals this summer. A second look reveals that this would-be boring mani is actually super-chic. You can give your fleshtone manicure an illusion of depth by experimenting with top coats, different shades, and tone-on-tone patterns.

Tip: Alternate painting every other nail with two similar colors of nude, or paint every other one with a matte top coat.

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