Former Meat Market Vintage Co-Owner Cory Martinez Launches Luxie Vintage

Josue Orozco Brockmann

For better or worse, sometimes high school nicknames never wear off. In the case of Cory Martinez, hers was more swell than square. Luxie, a reference to Lux Interior of The Cramps, caught on and never went totally away.

Now it's resurfaced as the name of Martinez's recently launched vintage clothing shop.

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Martinez co-founded Meat Market Vintage with her former boyfriend Ben Funke. The pair broke up last year. Since then they'd split the Meat Market duties. Martinez handled the online storefront and Funke ran the shop on Mill Avenue. Working together proved challenging.

"I thought it would be best to go my own way," Martinez says.

So she started up eBay and Etsy storefronts under the Luxie Vintage banner, announcing the change earlier this week.

She says she's beginning to focus more on Etsy to due increasingly rigorous standards on eBay, which is less geared toward vintage -- and because of Etsy's small business-friendly boutique vibe.

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