Jay-Z's 99 Problems Are Now Works of Art

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Ali Graham
We all know Jay-Z's got problems -- 99, to be exact. And though a bitch may not be one them, we can't help wondering how a rap mogul like Mr. Shawn Corey Carter ever could have as many problems as there are bottles of beer on the wall. Fortunately, we're not the only ones losing sleep over the everyday trials and tribulations of Hova.

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Ali Graham
Artist Ali Graham is the creator behind the new Tumblr 99 Problems, a blog that features daily illustrations of Jay-Z being confronted by any one of his 99 problems.

Cute, clever, and occasionally featuring a playful connection to Jay-Z's own work, these illustrations are available for purchase in signed limited-edition 8.5-by-11-inch prints (each print is number "x" out of 99).

Our personal favorites thus far include "Bad Twerk Ethic" and "Can't Get Dirt off Shoulder," but we'll leave it to you decide which one of Jay-Z's many problems is worth framing.

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