James Franco Announces Comedy Central Roast via Instagram

Angela George
James Franco during his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in March

Getting a PhD in English from Yale is not like eventually completing a stint in rehab. You don't have to do it in order to remain insurable in the eyes of film producers who decide whether you can work on a project that involves paying hundreds of people pulling down buckets of collectively bargained-for wages every five minutes you stand around picking your nose. No one gives a crap how well James Franco does in college, is what we're saying.

Yet his GPA hovered between 3.5 and 4.0 as a working undergrad and now he's, yeah, earning that useless doctorate and planning to go on to Rhode Island School of Design because he cares, you guys. If life has meaning, then James Franco is absolutely going to find out what it is and share it with his Instagram followers via phone-vid the very instant he knows, the same way he broke the news that he'll be the subject of a Comedy Central roast premièring Labor Day weekend. Squee! (The network presents only one roast per year, however confusing the rerun schedule may be.)

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We were as pleasantly baffled by this revelation as the rest of you, having been under the impression that This Is the End was the Comedy Central roast of James Franco, but this just means more for our entertainment dollar, kind of, so yay.

Comedy Central's obtained the rights to show Francophrenia, a sort of experimental mockumentary about Franco's 2009-2012 appearance as a villain on General Hospital, on its digital and video-on-demand platforms following the roast. Why? If you have to ask, you'll never know.

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