Instagram vs. Vine: Pros, Cons, and Tips


"RIP Vine."

That was the proclamation across social media last month when everyone's favorite photo app, Instagram, unleashed its new, fancy video feature. Loaded with fifteen seconds to fill, thirteen filters, and editing capabilities, what's not to love? Why would anyone want to keep Vine, the hipster-friendly, no-filter, six-second video app?

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Here's why you'll want to keep both. They're not identical twins. They're more like cousins, each with its own quirky personality. Feel like showing off or crowd surfing at a big party? Go with Instagram. Feel like chilling out with friends, and having a good laugh? Vine. Think of both like parties; you want to make an appearance. See, there's no need to get full on haterade. Here are some tips to spread your wings and fly as the social media butterfly you're about to become.

Know Your Hashtags
Hashtags may be annoying, but if you want get mega-likes, they're going to be your BFF. People search up tags all the time, and might even give you a follow. The key to tagging is simple: label your picture/video. For example, with a picture of you and your dog, tag "#instadog, #DogsOfInstagram, or #DogsofVine. Join a hashtag trend, like the nightly under-the-blanket confessional #SerapeSecrets. Put a blanket over your head, share silly secrets, and tag the post #serapesecrets. Doing this will expose you to new followers, and potential friends. Keep up to date on the hashtags for all social media platforms, and you can't go wrong.

Stop Saying "Three" or "Go!"
If you're a newbie to any video feature, you'll start to become peeved at the word "3," or "GO". You'll usually hear this when someone is giving a heads up on when to start the video. Stop doing this. It makes you look and sound like the biggest newbie. A solution to this: motion your hand, or nod. Simple as that. Here's an example of a perfect vine ruined by a two-letter word.

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