How to Defeat Giant Monsters: Alternative Methods Edition

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Pacific Rim was released a couple of weekends ago, detailing humanity's war with extra-dimensional giant monsters known as Kaiju. In the film, the Earth forces managed to fight off the monsters with giant robots known as Jaegers. These robots look to be expensive and resource-intensive and, in our times of economic uncertainty, may not be the best solution for the problem. Still, giant monsters need to be fought, so here are a few alternatives that should prove to be just as effective, without breaking the budget.

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Mad Science
The art of making things abnormally large was perfected in the '50s. Humans, dinosaurs, ants, spiders, and even rabbits have all been embiggened to monstrous proportions at one time or another. While these gigantic creatures would make perfect soldiers, the problem of what to do with them after the war is over leaves this as an option of last resort.

In 2008, Fox TV introduced Fringe, a television show about the government agency that investigates paranormal activity which normal law enforcement is not equipped to handle. Their head science advisor, Dr. Walter Bishop, has demonstrated a unique ability to solve the most difficult of scientific problems with only an hour of time and a heavy regimen of narcotics. This seems like the logical choice for a front-line solution to any potential monster problems we may encounter. As an added bonus, if the monsters do over-run us, we can all blame Fox TV for cancelling Fringe too early.

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