Five Baking Soda Beauty Tips

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Wikimedia Commons: katerha
Baking soda mixed with vinegar

Floating around in our cabinets is a magical ingredient that can help deodorize, exfoliate, and cleanse. Let us introduce to you: baking soda. This chemical compound, whose proper name is sodium bicarbonate, can be a key ingredient in your beauty regimen just as readily as a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

This white powder works differently when mixed with acids or bases. Mildly abrasive and pH-balancing, baking soda helps to neutralize acids, oils, and odors. And that means you can use it lots of different ways. Here are five beauty remedies to try with the everyday ingredient hiding in your cupboard.

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Hair Cleanser: Mix two tablespoons of baking soda with your favorite shampoo and lather up. This mixture will remove buildup caused by hair products and will pH-balance your scalp. An added benefit: it will remove any flakes if you've recently been sunburned.

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