5 Reasons I Wish I Lived in the 1980s

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Since I was born in the 1990s, I didn't get to experience the '80s. From what I've heard, it was pretty rad. While Cyndi Lauper and Madonna are icons of the era, that's not particularly why I love the '80s. I love the trends that weren't so popular. Here are five reasons I wish I lived in the '80s. (Happy Throwback Thursday, by the way.)

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Working Out Looked Like a Blast

If this were still cool (not sure if it was ever really cool), I'd be shaking it all over the place in a neon green thong leotard with pink leg warmers. They seem so happy to get in shape, that it actually makes me want to do some aerobics, and that's rare. Better than twerking!



These words are super-cheesy, but so much fun to say. Nowadays, our lingo consists of, ratchet, SMH, LOL, and HMU. Notice these are all Internet slang? We need more words in our lives. I think I'll start by adding "tubular" to my vocabulary.

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I couldn't figure out why it was so easy, suddenly, to teach people simple choreography in the '90s and then I realized they'd spent the '80s being yelled at by aerobics instructors.

Tracey A. Aubey
Tracey A. Aubey

With the exception of John Hughes....gag me with a spoon. ;)

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