50 Shades of Grey: Seven Actors We Would Like to See Play Christian in the Movie

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Before anybody even knew if 50 Shades of Grey would be made into a movie, there were bets being placed on who'd be a good fit to play the book's main character, the infamous Christian Grey. The film's producer, Dana Brunetti, announced last month that the movie's set for release August 1, 2014. That official date has only increased speculation as to who will be the lucky (unlucky?) guy to land the male lead. Now that we've shared who we don't want playing Mr. Grey, here are seven actors we'd like to see in the Red Room of Pain.

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Stephen Amell

Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons
Stephen Amell

Before landing the lead role in one of the CW's latest shows, Arrow, Stephen Amell was a recognizable face with a name you couldn't quite remember. He has been in a bevy of television shows but hasn't really made it into the lead roles. He has a unique look that would work well for Grey's character, and that's not to mention he has the body for the role. Although he originally was in talks with the film's producers to play Grey, he announced on his Facebook that he decided the character was boring and not "totally redeeming." We think Amell would fit Grey's character and play him well, and if the price is right, perhaps he'll change his mind.

Colin Egglesfield

Something Borrowed/Warner Bros Studios
Colin Egglesfield

Colin Egglesfield might look exactly how every single person who read 50 Shades pictured Christian Grey. There's something about his dark features and light blue eyes that just seem to scream, "I should play Christian Grey." With a history in soap operas, we're pretty sure he's got the "acting in dramatic yet ridiculous scenes with terrible dialogue" thing down pat. His biggest enemy is his age, although in Hollywood it's nothing new for a 40-year-old man to play the part of someone in his 20s.

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A. Gilbert Gottfried! I mean, come on. B. How did Pettyfer's navel get way up there?

Spencer Alec
Spencer Alec

Damnit New Times.. This may be where we depart and end ties..


Hunter Parrish should have definitely played Christian Grey!

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