50 Shades of Grey: Seven Actors We Don't Want to See Play Christian in the Movie

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Patrick Dempsey

Wikimedia Commons
Patrick Dempsey

Apparently, face-matching software says that Patrick Dempsey would make a great Christian Grey. But for starters, Dempsey is a few years too old to play the 28-year-old CEO. And let's be honest, his face is just too . . . dreamy. Christian is a guy with dark past and an obsession with control. Handsome, yes, but in a dangerous, arresting way.

Ryan Reynolds

Wikimedia Commons
Ryan Reynolds

This has got to be joke from people who just want to see Reyolds play opposite his wifey, Blake Lively as Anastasia Steele. She might not be a terrible Anastasia (though we're not convinced she can pull off the innocence of the character) but Reynolds (a.k.a. The Green Lantern and the push-over employee from The Proposal) as smoldering hot Christian Grey? Not so much. Reynolds has dimples, for goodness sake.

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