Artists Compete in Paint & Pátron at Macayo's in Tempe Friday

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Paint & Patron comes to Macayo's Depot Cantina in Tempe on Friday.
If you happen to be friends with any of the local artists competing in Friday night's Paint & Pátron event at Macayo's Depot Cantina in Tempe, expect to get a call from them in the next 24 hours (if you haven't already). Or an e-mail, tweet, Facebook shout-out, or any other form of communication for that matter, short of semaphore or smoke signals.

They're probably reaching out to cajole their nearest and dearest to come out to the monthly art-meets-intoxicants shindig at train station-like Mexican eatery to not only see their latest works but also to help them possibly win one of two artist competitions (either of which boasts a $250 cash prize) during the event. Lucinda Hinojos, the event's co-organizer, says that such rallying of the troops by local artists has been commonplace prior to a Paint & Pátron party.

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"It's all through word of mouth and Facebook," she says. "What ends up happening is that these artists bring in people who are there to support them, so it's mostly family and friends and whatnot."

And once everyone has turned out, Hinojos explains, they can assist in getting to the finals of each of the art contests taking place at Paint & Pátron, which is sponsored by the tequila company and focuses on giving local burgeoning talents a place to showcase their works. Upwards of 20 artists will complete in either of the battles, one for the best overall painting or drawing on display at the party and another for works that are created on site from 7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. at Friday night's event.

The competitions are limited to paintings, drawings, illustrations or "any type of medium that they're able to put on a canvas," Hinojos says.

Everyone in attendance can support their particular artist by placing gold-colored plastic coins into empty Pátron bottles by their respective works.

"Every artist submits their best piece of their choice and we display it on one of the walls or they paint something right there at the party," Hinojos says. "And the people that show up are given one coin as they walk in and can vote for their favorites."

Each additional voting coin costs $1 each. And what usually happens, she adds, is that things can become frantic as Paint & Pátron attendees attempt to out-do each other while backing their artists.

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Macayo's Depot Cantina

300 S. Ash Ave., Tempe, AZ

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