The Five Best XXX Superhero Parodies (NSFW)

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Lexi Swallow (left) as Ms. Marvel and Danni Cole as Scarlet Witch in Avengers XXX..

Whenever a new comic book movie hits theaters, two things are pretty certain -- it will rake in an effload of cash (Green Lantern notwithstanding) and porn producers somewhere will have an utterly explicit parody of the flick out in short order. Case in point: the latest Superman cinematic adventure Man of Steel makes its silver screen debut today, and the infamous Vivid Entertainment will drop its salacious send-up of the reboot next week.

Like the major Hollywood studios, such skin flick companies as Vivid and its competitors have been making a mint over the past couple years or so cashing in on satirizing comic book heroes and villains that make the transition to the big screen.

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Ryan Driller as Superman from Man of Steel XXX. So close to Henry Cavill's Kal-El that even Jor-El couldn't tell the difference.

Putting metahumans, übermenschen, and costumed titans like Superman and Batman in compromising positions or risque situations is certainly nothing new (as the practice has been around about as long as the comic book characters themselves), there's been a recent trend in releasing barely legal (in the copyright sense) pornos starring legendary pulp heroes and villains dubbed as "parody."

One of the big auteurs (if such a term is applicable with nudie movies) in the genre is Axel Braun, the Italian-born libertine and blue movie baron who's infamous for his adult film spoofs of TV shows and pop culture institutions -- including his This Aint... series for Hustler lampooning everything from Beverly Hills 90210 and Star Trek to childhood toon favorites The Smurfs (wowzers), as well as the dozen or so of his comic book-inspired parodies starting with 2010's Batman XXX.

So prolific is Braun that Vivid created a special "Superhero" imprint (complete with its own page-flipping animated intro à la Marvel Studios) for the director's creations, the latest of which include the aforementioned Man of Steel XXX and a pornographic version of Wolverine later this summer in honor of Hugh Jackman's latest outing as Weapon X.

There's always imitators in the porn world, so after Braun's Batman XXX did boffo business, rivals "Bluebird Films and Exquisite Films' "Extreme Comixxx" imprint got into the hardcore superhero game and sought to become the Marvel to Vivid's DC with their own parodies of such characters as The Dark Knight, Wonder Woman, and Captain America.

Besides giving intellectual property lawyers fits -- the parodies are firmly protected under the "fair use" portion of the Copyright Act of 1976 -- and providing the obvious titillation factor, these superhero skin flicks are often laugh-inducing (either intentionally or unintentionally), entertaining in a so-bad-it's-good sorta way, feature comic book-accurate costumes, and can be even geekier and a more precise adaptation than their multi-million dollar counterparts.

What follows is a list of five of our favorites. XXXcelsior!

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