Phoenix Metro Retro Furniture Store to Close


The owners of Midcentury modern furniture store Phoenix Metro Retro announced via Facebook that they'll close up their Melrose District shop June 22.

Douglas and Heidi Ambrahamson have run the store since 2009. "We've got wonderful customers, and I'm really going to miss a lot of them," Heidi says.

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But fans of the shop's stylish finds can sidestep mourning.

"Everyone sounds so sad," Abrahamson says. "But it's a shift, a change."

The duo decided to close up Metro Retro because Heidi's jewelry business, Jewelry by Heidi Abrahamson, is taking off. She's been working on it full-time since September of 2012, and looks to expand. And in the meantime Douglas has operated the store and his eBay shop solo -- a heavy workload to be sure.

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Phoenix Metro Retro

708 W. Hazelwood St., Phoenix, AZ

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