Phoenix to Launch Bike Share Program in December

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Rendering of what bike stations will look like

It's no secret that Phoenix tends to arrive to the LA and NYC trend parties a little on the tardy side. Lucky for downtown Phoenix residents, that isn't the case when it comes to the latest big-city trend of bike share programs.

New York recently launched its bike share service, Citi Bike, and Phoenix is already working on its own version, which is scheduled to roll out this December.

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The team that was chosen to operate, fund, and supply the equipment for the program consists of CycleHop, Social Bicycles, and SandVault.

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Fred Griffin
Fred Griffin

Phoenix is a great city for bicycle commuting, fitness and lifestyle. Canals and bike lanes are everywhere!

Rene Angel Rodriguez
Rene Angel Rodriguez

Soon there would be missing bike signs across Downtown and heat related injuries.

Pamela Stone Vozza
Pamela Stone Vozza

Tony... there is also a car sharing program in both Tempe and in downtown Phoenix. Look up ZipCar :)

Tony Morales
Tony Morales

Interesting... In San Diego, there is a CAR share program. Guess Phoenix is still pretty far behind....

valleynative topcommenter

Hmm.  I wonder why they didn't choose to launch this program in August?

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