Mesa's Monsterland Returns in Late August

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Benjamin Leatherman
Costumed attendees of Monsterland's Thriller Costume Ball in January

Monsterland originally opened in the fall of 2011 purely as a haunted house but underwent a remodeling less than six months later and reopened as a bar, restaurant, and nightclub in April 2012. Its proprietors, including owner Kevin Wynn, later decided to close the establishment after the first of this year. A heretofore final blowout, a special edition of its Thriller Costume Ball, was held in late January and the property has remained dark and dormant ever since.

During his public announcement at the Collectors Marketplace on Saturday, Regalado stumped for support for Monsterland, which he believes will help "make it last a helluva lot longer than the first time around."

Jackalope Ranch spoke with Regalado briefly over Facebook chat yesterday in order to get additional details about the future of the venue. The Pop Culture Paradise proprietor, however, is keeping his cards close to the vest, at least for the moment. He provided a little more info, confirmed that Monsterland will reopen after the "Resurrection Party," and that its original owner owner Kevin Wynn will still be involved (the other parties involved with the production company are still a mystery).

Regalado also hinted that Monsterland will be available for other sorts of events and that, ultimately, the intent is to run Monsterland "as a venue, which is what it was initially meant to be."

"We're looking to 'sponsor' two events per month on top of other events sponsored by other parties," Regalado says. He promised that more details would be made public sometime in the next week.

Jackalope Ranch also spoke via telephone with Wynn, who says the goal of reopening Monsterland is to hold events at the venue and "keep its name out there" during the current construction process that will extend Valley Metro's light rail system into downtown Mesa by 2016.

"We're trying to keep the Monsterland out there and keep the venue as it is through all the light rail construction," Wynn says.

Monsterland's "Resurrection Party" will take place on Saturday, August 24.

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Monsterland - CLOSED

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Deon Allen
Deon Allen

Jennifer! I'm fo'evah at your command!


Please don't f--- it up again ... if you read the owner's closing remarks, he clearly doesn't know how to run a venue - so how about hiring an actual professional?!

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