Mesa's Monsterland Returns in Late August

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Benjamin Leatherman
Monsterland in Mesa: It's alive.
Zombie-loving geeks of the Valley, prepare thyself. Haunted attraction and event space Monsterland is set to rise from its grave and live again later this summer. The horror-themed establishment in downtown Mesa, which closed down at the beginning of the year, will reportedly reopen for business on a limited basis in late August for special events.

Rumblings of life started coming from Monsterland's grave last week when its Facebook page featured a message promising that a "GIGANTIC announcement" about the venue's future would be made over the weekend. And said announcement came this past Saturday afternoon when Marco Regalado of Tempe's Pop Culture Paradise proclaimed that Monsterland would become a functioning event space after a special "Resurrection Party" on Saturday, August 24.

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Regalado, who previously told Jackalope Ranch> of his desire to reopen Monsterland several months ago, made the announcement during a special zombie-themed event at the Arizona Collectors Marketplace. And according to the Pop Culture Paradise proprietor, he and several other individuals have formed a local production company that will use Monsterland for special events.

Regalado made a vague mention of the group on Saturday at the marketplace when announcing Monsterland's reopening, which you can see in the following YouTube clip.

"So a few of us got together and decided, you know what, Monsterland was a pretty damn good place to go to be a zombie on a regular basis, to have a drink with friends, and to have some good food," he says. "So we figured, 'Why let this thing go away?' So we decided it was probably time to bring it back."

Regalado also asked the Collectors Marketplace crowd if reopening Monsterland "was a pretty good idea for everybody," which resulted in cheers.

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Deon Allen
Deon Allen

Jennifer! I'm fo'evah at your command!


Please don't f--- it up again ... if you read the owner's closing remarks, he clearly doesn't know how to run a venue - so how about hiring an actual professional?!

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