Marc Maron on Internet Trolls, the Underdog, and His Favorite Comedians Right Now

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It's been a big year for Marc Maron. The lifelong comedian who struggled in show business for decades has moved increasingly into the spotlight since 2009 when he launched WTF with Marc Maron -- a biweekly podcast recorded in his garage tackling raw, intimate, and unfiltered interviews with some of the most interesting names in entertainment including, Louis C.K., Patton Oswalt, Conan O'Brian, Chelsea Handler, and more.

With almost 400 WTF episodes under his belt, Maron has just released a new autobiography, Attempting Normal, as well as his pilot series, Maron, on IFC.

Now the comedian is headed back on the road with new material.

Before his upcoming show at Stand Up Live on Thursday, June 6, we caught up with Maron to discuss his comedy, criticism, and the people who make him laugh out loud today.

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You've talked a lot about anxiety, panic, and about comedy being an outlet for those emotions. When did you first discover this connection?
I think innately I was always sort of a smart ass. I think when I was in college I just really wanted to try stand up and when I tried it I don't know if it really helped any of those things because it caused me more panic and dread it was just a bit much -- when you start out, and you're freaking out over a 5 minute set 3 weeks away.

But I started doing it in college and couldn't really hack it and then I started it again when I got out.

A lot of comedians have adopted that same self-deprecating style in their act, Why do you think that is?
You know I don't know how many are that calculating about those choices. I think the best comics sort of find their voice. I don't know that anybody basically says, 
"Well this is the point of view I'm going to have." You evolve your point of view and usually the better comics are pretty true to who they are.

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Dain Quentin Gore
Dain Quentin Gore

Wish I could! Saw him @The Improv when Jerusalem Syndrome came out. He signed my copy. He's a mensch, the real deal.

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