Benjamemes Makes Memes Into Fine Art

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Lauren Kaelin
For those of you who were captivated by the Ikea monkey, inspired by a little girl's daily affirmations on YouTube, or downright giddy about news of Grumpy Cat's new movie -- oh, do we have a Tumblr for you.

Art history majors, this one's for you, too.

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Artist Lauren Kaelin is a painter who takes Internet memes and turns them into something more sophisticated. Her new Tumblr, Benjameme, which stems from her interest in the Ikea monkey and German art theorist Walter Benjamin, documents her most recent project to "paint the Internet."

To celebrate her attempts to create new genre of Internet sensations, which in itself is becoming an Internet sensation, here our five favorite "Benjamemes" thus far.


Lauren Kaelin
I like turtles . . . and Post-Impressionist paintings.


Lauren Kaelin
Letterpress from Hilary

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