Try These 5 Easy Summer Hair Tutorials

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Whether you are working this summer, going on vacation, attending weddings, or just lounging by the pool, there's no escaping getting ready.

Here are five easy-to-follow tutorials that'll help you get the trendy hair you've been drooling over -- from messy fishtail braids to perfectly tied-up top knots. Most of these 'dos are relatively easy to create and require tools that you probably already have.

Remember: practice makes perfect. There are no excuses for unkempt hair.

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Courtesy of The Beauty Department

Vintage Curls: These Gatsby-esque curls are perfect for a wedding or a summer BBQ. Absolutely the must know-how-style of the summer.

Tools Required: A 1-inch and a 1/4-inch curling iron, 8 to 10 duck bill clips, and a soft bristle brush. Hair spray is optional, and clean dry hair is a must.

Best Tutorial: The Beauty Department's Vintage Curls

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