Google Glass Won't Let You Look at Porn

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So it turns out Google Glass has potential for more than just floating images of flight times, snapshots, and calendar schedules. The wearable computer with a head-mounted display, which is still in the developmental stages at Google, almost received it's first porn app by MiKandi on Monday.

An adult app that allows you to watch porn anytime, anywhere, in public? What could possibly go wrong?

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The adult app, cleverly titled "Tits and Glass," became available for download on Monday and was the first of its kind to appear in the Google Glass market. With "Tits and Glass," users could upload their POV (point-of-view) photos and video from their high-tech frames to an online database of other "T&G" users.

Those users could then review and comment on your shared pornography via their own set of Google Glasses (or the website, or the Android App). When new photos, videos, or comments were posted, wearers of Google Glasses could receive immediate notifications to their specs -- regardless of if they're at a meeting, baptism, funeral, or any number of the many inopportune moments to look at porn.

Of course, Google quickly put the kabash on that Pandora's box of public perversion, updating its Google's Glass Platform Developer Policies over the weekend to say:

"We don't allow Glassware content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material."

Although this clause was added supposedly after MiKandi developed their program, the company will have to get creative if they want make its app available to Google Glass users.

You can check out the Tits and Glass website here-- but be warned, it's extremely NSFW.

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Thats just stupid on their part. What part of the multi billion dollar porn industry don't they get. Especially seeing how the glasses are so expensive. Introduce porn and revenue skyrockets from the addicts. I may not be a big porn watcher but i'd be damned if I turn down their money.

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