Game of Thrones: Top 10 Twitter Reactions to Last Night's Episode (Spoiler Alert)

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For those of you who are behind on Game of Thrones, stop reading now. But if you're up on the series, then you're probably still in a bit of shock after last night's "Red Wedding" episode.

Here are ten of our favorite Tweets about the episode's seriously mind-blowing ending (in no particular order).

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments section.

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Joe Lama
Joe Lama

Best "HOLY S**T" Moment of the entire series. Was looking forward to the lil' Stark girl finally reuniting with her Mother and Brother,Instead...I got the bonus plan! Amazing.

Robert Perez
Robert Perez

Me and my fiancée sat there speechless. What a twist.

Gina Wilkinson-Montague
Gina Wilkinson-Montague

Heh, I read the books, so watching my newsfeed was entertaining, especially since I don't watch the show :p

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